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In order to facilitate app and web development, Webmobyle is modelled upon a Technical Core supported by Human Resources, both of which are augmented through associative and collaborative partnerships. As in the basis of the name, Webmobyle, collaborative or associative partnerships are formed with  individuals and businesses within as well as outside the Enterprise’s fields of specialization who share a similar work ethic and set of values.

Organizational Structure

Social Net Organization

The most crucial and valuable asset for Webmobyle, are the wide and varied network of professionals at its disposal who, based on the Enterprise Model- driven by association and collaboration, are drawn from a diverse selection of self-motivated individuals and businesses.

As far as is practical, the Enterprise preferred organizational structure is for the most part flat as opposed to a hierarchical or pyramidal structure to allow for more proactive and effective decision making which can be critical when it comes to time and effective project management.

As a result of the flat organizational structure, emphasis is placed on roles rather than the chain of command. The result of this being that the critical unit of organization is the Team, managed by a Team Leader. However, Teams are never a permanent structure and are formed or dissolved on a requirement basis. Individuals operating in concert may be the norm on most projects. 

At the top of the organizational structure is the Projects Manager whose role is to coordinate efforts through direct involvement with the individuals and teams as the case may be. This kind of organization allows for efficiency and proactive decision making.

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