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Declaration By The Systems Architect

  1. I, Barnett Temwa (Systems Architect at Webmobyle) am a General in The Lord’s Army –  Army of The Most High God (Long story). This is what was initially my belief and is now fact. I do not require anyone to accept this, I am just expressing it.
  2. Which means I command God’s Heavenly Host.
  3. Hip Hop (The Old School, Deep, Insightful, Original Hip Hop with message of struggle, strife, beef and hope) is my first love.
  4. If you have any exposure to Hip Hop culture as it was when I was coming up, you would know that the mindset is just plain rowdy and radical. is a link shortening service at Webmobyle.

  5. So the mob in Webmob is a nod to this element that arises from my love and exposure to and of Hip Hop, with respect to the Heavenly Host: as in – “We are mobbing your sector on the Web”.
  6. .Link is just one of the new domain extensions that I thought would be perfect for a link shortener.

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